(Honest thought: “Hmm, I guess maintaining an online journal is much more consuming than expected…”)

Dec 15, 2009
This time of the year has always been one of my favorites but especially now since I have moved to Jerusalem. Seeing all the menorahs lit in every window sill, smelling the scent of fried doughnuts and the atmosphere of excitement brings me so much joy. Chanukah truly testifies the existence of The Creator who performs miracles for us each day. We can say that today we don’t have open miracles like we did in the times of when The Temple stood. When the little tin of oil, that should have been enough for just one day, lasted 8, it’s something unimaginable today! But is it?
I say we DO have open miracles today! True Story: A young father of 4 in our community was suddenly diagnosed with Cancer, within a week he was in the hospital on Morphine, like…What??! The doctors discovered he also had internal bleeding and they had NO IDEA where it came from or how to fix it. A mass prayer started all over the Jewish world for this young man asking G-d to heal him and let him live a long and healthy life, all of a sudden 2 weeks ago the internal bleeding JUST STOPPED. The doctors don’t have an explanation, no one knows where, what, who (please continue praying for the complete recovery of RAPHAEL ELIEZER BEN LEAH.) But we DO know who. The Creator performs daily miracles in our lives, I used an extreme example so we can see how clear it is. Chanukah is this time of the year when we light the candles, stop, and think of all the little miracles that are performed for us every day.

October 23rd, 2008
October flew by due to 3 straight weeks of Jewish celebrations! I have to say that every year, the holidays become more and more meaningful, I learn one little insight that changes my way of thinking for the rest of my year. I also had a blast performing at a few gigs during Simchat Beit Hashoeva. The best part of it all is being able to spend the days with my husband who usually is learning all day, I have come to appreciate these times we have off of work and learning. I still have a few more gigs lines up so check out the schedule if you want to come!

June 4th, 2008
Rosh Chodesh Sivan, what a special month!! In this time of spiritual height I was invited to perform at Bnos Miriam Centre for the Arts. They were having an open house to promote their classes and needed some musical entertainment. I gladly agreed to perform with no charge since they are a non-profit organization, I really believe in what they do and hope they continue staying open. I see how much work is put in to the centre and it inspires so many women from all walks of life! Well, the night was amazing!! I came in to the studio to hear loud music blasting from the dance room, I see about 30 girls crammed in to this mid-sized room all following every dance move the teacher, Rachel Factor, is making. There were also women selling their crafts behind booths, jewelry, baby clothes and custom made skirts. It always amazes me to see such talent coming from such busy women! I went on stage at 9:00pm, altogether there were approx 50 women in the crowd, half Israeli and half anglo, I mainly sang and in between explained what I write about and told little bits of my journey to Torah observance. The crowd was amazing, very attentive and receiving. For a crowd to be able to receive
the music is the most important element of a show, thank G-d it was very inspiring for them. The last song was YAALE VE YAVO, a small blessing we say only at the beginning of every Jewish month. It says that G-d should replenish and rebuild our temple in our days…etc, anyways, I invited the glorious Delia Spiers, the fabulous Hadassa Lee and splendid songstress Yiska Sarah Petit to sing along with me, boy it was powerful!! 4 crazy vocals put together equals blowing the roof off! wooohooo. We got the whole crowd singing with us, I literally had tears in my eyes. To say the least…it was one of the most powerful and inspiring moments for me.
May 28th, 2008
I’m so excited!! Today is probably my last visit to the studio! Which means….my debut album is nearly ready for the press and then finally come to life!! I’ve been waiting for this day for so many years. I have wanted to record my own professional album since I started out when I was 15!! It’s been over 10 long years of hard work, writing and gigging! Wow, to finally see it come to life will be one of my greatest accomplishments to date. Although, being a singer/songwriter is not my obsession like it used to be, it has left a deep mark on my soul and who I am today. I am so grateful to have been given this unique opportunity to make music in the holy land of Israel and to be able to share it with my fellow sisters all over the world literally!! I have dedicated a THANK YOU section on my CD insert so you can see who was involved in making sure this record comes out, it turns out a lot more people than I thought had a huge influence on me and my work!! Anyways, I’m happy of the outcome and like you, cant wait for the music to shine!!


December 20 – Move over Rolling Stones magazine! Moran has made it into this week’s Mishpacha Magazine! Check out the feature in the Family First part of the Chanukah issue. Happy holy days!
September 25 – Moran is now Em Bayit at Be’er Miriam Seminary in Harnoff!
March 7 – What a show! For the first time ever, the girls from the audience took out their instruments and joined Moran for a song. That was great!
January 12 – If you are in the Harnoff, stop by for a Shabbat…Moran just moved there. Besides unpacking, she’s getting ready for another visit to Canada and US. Stay posted for show dates.
November 19 – Mazal Tov! It’s a girl! It was quite a surprise for she was expecting another boy! Harmonies, here we come!
November 9 – Moran is expecting, so she’s taking a break from performing (however you can come over for Shabbat after she’s back on her feet!) Thanks for a great year to everyone who was a part of it!
June 9 – Until we get more CDs printed, we are making the album available as a digital download in MP3. Simply click on “Buy the Album” and get it there.
April 20 – It’s official! We are SOLD OUT of CDs! Thanks to everyone for supporting Moran. We hope to make more soon!
February 26 – Moran is going to Canada for Pessah with her family! She’ll surely be playing shows there. If you’d like to have her play at an event, please get in touch!
January 26 – Chabad.org has an article about Moran’s journey.
November 20  – We’re planning to give a free online concert on Sunday,
November 29th- email for details or find out from  Moran fanpage on Facebook.
June 22 – Busy being a mother, b”H!
April 19 – Mazal tov! Moran Sabbah gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Yosef!!
March 14 – We have reached 1400 hits since we launched the website!
January 20 – Moran has sold nearly 500 copies of her debut album “Back In Zion”
January 20 – Moran is writing an article for an upcoming magazine for teenage girls. More details to come…
December 23 – Moran travels to Montreal & Toronto to visit and play shows!
October 13 – Many performances coming up!
September 29 – Holy days approaching…Shana Tova!
August 21 – Moran’s album is finally out! Get it tonight at the show!
August 14 – The website is finally up! Welcome to MoranSabbah.com!
July 20- The three weeks begin, which means no music for a while. This time off should allow for the completion of the site and album.
June 10- We are done recording!

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