Every Soul’s A Story

Moran has had quite a journey! Starting out at 14 year old, she picked up the guitar and decided that she is going to be a rock star. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but that never stopped her. When she turned 19, Moran started hitting the open-mic scene in Toronto. Eventually she auditioned some musicians and after many contenders she put together a band called “Tangie Towne”. The band performed many shows and was slowly gaining a small following.


After about a year of shows and recording a 4 song EP, Moran was discovered by a small management company. She left the band in hopes for a solo career and again found herself in the recording studio making another EP.

[pullquote align=”left”]I’m gonna be a rock star![/pullquote]

Throughout all the shows, rehearsals and studio sessions Moran was beginning to feel restless. She decided to take a break and go to her country of origin, Israel. There she was fueled with inspiration and desire to connect to the Jewish people.

When Moran returned to Toronto she was flown to Nassau, Bahamas to make another record, this time of new material which she would later perform to some of the Canadian music industry’s most influential people.

[pullquote align=”right”]Now I’m one of them. They don’t quite know me yet but just wait.[/pullquote]

A few months later, Moran was exposed to traditional Judaism and for the first time all her questions were being answered. She felt the need to go back to Israel and explore some more.

After 3 weeks of being in Jerusalem and learning Torah, Moran returned to Toronto to find that Sony Records had offered her a record deal, this exciting and tremendous stepping stone in her blossoming music career had come at an inappropriate time. Moran was starting to sink her teeth into the beautiful teachings of Torah and wanted to live her life as an observant Jewish Woman. She ended up turning the record deal down and coming back to Jerusalem to learn in seminary.

After a year of learning she was offered a scholarship to make a record for women. Moran accepted and went straight into the studio. She knew that this record would have to be different from anything she had ever worked on. Being in a place of spirituality, the inspiration had to only come from a holy place, that holy place was the desire to connect to God. [clear]Today the music Moran makes is a mix between rock and pop fueled with mature lyrics and catchy verses. Her expression for the love of The Creator and his Torah are planted in each song, growing within the melodies that come out from Moran’s strong and smooth vocals. Moran hopes that her music inspires many women, just like making it, has inspired her.


Moran has been featured in Mishpacha Magazine (Family First, Chanukah 2011) – Every Soul’s A Story, as well as on Chabad.org – My Journey As A Rock Star.