I desire to be close to my Creator, sometimes I feel so far away
from I’m so I write h I’m a song.
My life is a song
the melody goes up and down
I’m right but I’m wrong
the notes of my life pass me by
I don’t want to cry
I want to be close to you
Tell me the reason why
it’s so hard when you go
I’m singing this one to myself
girl you’ll make it through
I’m singing this one to you
girl you’ll make it through
My life is a chord
strumming it with my guitar
bitter sweet I can taste
you’re with me, it’s not too late to change
I’m better in the sun
but the rain’s pouring down
I practice self control
but it’s hard when you go
I’m singing this one….
Happy to be alive
to be better I strive and now I realize
to ease up on my self
in darkness there’s light
I pray with all might, everything will be alright
won’t do this to myself.


Seek the truth always, be a leader, find what’s real
and don’t follow the masses.
The great Barcia is on a plane
to get the token of his fame
why do you question how it feels?
when I found out that nothing’s real
So I say goodbye, the day California died
Oh I believe, that the truth is in me
and there’s only one way to be
you know it’s real
I saw him I’m walking out of range
right then I knew I needed change
destiny came and stood in my way
so I lost something great that day
so I say goodbye, the day California Died


The specialness of Jerusalem impacts me daily always leaving me
wanting more of it
I look around me, what’s the feeling?
surrounding me inside my head
oh I know, I already miss you
and it’s been long since I held you
cuz I’ve been wasting time far away
far away from you
I’m counting down, till the day you’ll be mine again
and I’ll say
you keep me alive while everyone surrounds
your walls are crying
back in Zion
no matter what I do they only want you
ill keep fighting
back in Zion
My heart it beating cuz I need you
to comfort every time I am down shattered on the ground
alone I’m walking streets of holy
and I am never scared cuz I know you’ll be back with me
I’m counting down…


There is nothing but H I’m, the Blessed One Be He.
I’ve been alive far away from home
I’ve been denying myself from you
I’ve closed my eyes from space and from truth
I seem to forget all that matters is you
People don’t see
what’s happening to you and me
I don’t believe in TV
I don’t agree with everything I see
when you’re with me it all disappears
oh I’m only sure the only real thing here is you
I could pray myself to sleep
but when you’re on my mind oh it feels so deep
when the day is gone and the world is so dark
G-d you are the light you always shine shine shine
People don’t see…


you’ve got a plan
you’ve got your life mapped in your hand
but then it turns
leaving you empty of demands
life is never what it seems to be
better now than ever
get yourself together
gather all the pieces you’ve broken down
something to believe in
a mold you’ve gotta fit in
gather all the pieces
you’re innocent
unaware of what’s to come
don’t feel down
pick yourself right off the ground
life is never what it seems to be…


We meet people who become friends and impact and leave
an impression, even after they exit our lives
I see you dreaming inside out
better watch your step
I think that you are falling out
I felt it when you wept
so when you stand outside
in a perfect starry night
look up into the skies
your stars are shining bright
I think I keep forgetting what
words were left unsaid
I think I keep forgetting that
our love was just a phase
please let go of me
I need to run around
oh wont you let me free
my voice that wants to shout
believe me when i tell you how
your smile has left a mark
and now the years have passed us by
but you’re still on my mind
tell me honestly
did you believe in fate?
I tried to guarantee
that we wouldn’t change
so let go of me I need to run around
please let me free
my voice that wants to shout
woah if you wanted to say
woah it can be anyway
and I won’t beg you to stay
yeah you should be on your way


G-d is everywhere, If we tap into his presence we will have
him with us for all our days everywhere we go.
I look around, there’s no one there
I’m hearing footsteps but I’m not scared
cuz I’m with you, I know it’s true
When I met you,
before was darkness
and I’ll never go back to that place
A field is treeless
no time in space
city without lights
no place is void of you
I feel free in this state
and I’ll give you everything you will of me
oh hearts of spades
when I met you…
Smell of lilies in my face
it’s beautiful that I don’t doubt your love for me
is shining through
when I met you…