What the Fans say

  • “I went to the Tribe concert this year and it was amazing! It’s about time that we have some exceptional Jewish music thanks for the inspiration – rock on”

    — S.A. in New Jersey —
  • “I am so proud of you for the journey you have taken to reach this point of happiness in your  life. I cried reading your bio! You are such an inspiration. Thank you.”

    — H.D. in Toronto —
  • “Amazing website! I’m looking forward to hearing the album! What an inspiration.”

    — L.L. in Jerusalem —
  • “Wow! Your music ROCKS. I have never heard anything like this from a Jewish woman before.”

    — M.C. —
  • “Wow! What you do is so important to the Jewish female world… and the outcome is magnificent!”

    — Y.A. —
  • “I went to Neve this past year, and I just want to let you know how much your CD brings back my favorite memories of all time, from my year spent in Israel at Neve. I listen to it all the time. Thank you!”

    — M.L. —

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