June 14th – JRCC Garden Party
March 21st – Batya Shabbaton, New Jersey


March 9th – San Francisco


December 23st – HANC, New York
August – Chabad Romano
May – Tiferet Beis Yaakov
Feb – Aish Neshe


December 12th – Tribe Concert
December 5th – Bnos Chava Seminary
November 15th – Shaarei Bina, Tzfat
October 16th – Be’er Miriam Seminary
May 15th – Machon Ra’aya
March 8th – Beis Yaakov, Jerusalem
March 7th – Jerusalem Kollel Melaveh Malka


November 8th – Lights Of Fire Concert
November 3rd – Mechon Maayan Seminary
November 2nd – Sharfman’s Seminary
October 11th – Neshey Givat Shaul
October 9th – Be’er Miriam
September 28th – Midreshet Tehila
September 27th – Tomer Devorah
September 26th – Showcase Of Inspiration, RBS
April 3rd – Seagate, Coney Island, NY
March 28th – Aish Toronto
February 18th – Kol Chana in RBS
February 2nd – Lori Palatnik Mission

December 15th- Bet Chava V’sara
December 5th – Ramat Bet Shemesh Show
November 29th – Online Concert Webcast
November 21th – Be’er Miriam
November 17th – Shirat Devorah
October 5th – Chedvas Beis Yaakov
August 15th – Toronto Private Event
July 15th- The Negev
July 3rd – Lori Palatnik Mission
June 19th – Lori Palatnik Mission
March  14th – Be’er Miriam/Me’or Hatorah
January 25th – Shearim Seminary Performance
February 10th – Fundraiser  @ OU Center
January 11th – Toronto @ Aish In The Annex


December 27th – Montreal @ Chai Cafe
December 11th – Merkaz Ramot Shipira
October 30th – Tribe/Menachem Begin Theatre
October 27th – Rosh Chodesh Show @ She’arim
August 21st – Payis Center – Neve Campus
July 17th – Kol Rina
July  15th – Aish Fellowship @ Novotel
June 5th – Aish Fellowship @ Jerusalem Gate
June 4th – Bnos Miriam Open House
April 15th – Delia Spiers’ “Open Mic Show”
April 13th – Kol Isha Concert “Off The Wall”


December 9th – Aish Wives Chanukah Party
December 3rd – Ner L’Elef  Chanukah Party
November 29th – Hebrew U @ Kibbutz CC
November 27th – Gerard Bahar Centre
November 19th – Tribe Girls “Rhythms Of The Soul” @ Menachem Begin Theatre
September 30th – Moshav Modi’in Country Fair

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